Jonathan Lupercio

Head of Physics Department

About Jonathan

Having grown up in the Hamptons of Long Island, a physicist is not the first profession that comes to mind. However, Jonathan had developed a passion for science and mathematics at an early age, seeing them as universal languages. He excelled in physics and knew early on that he would pursue it at university. He attended Stony Brook University for its rich and rigorous physics program, as well as minoring in Mathematics.

He joined Professor Marivi Fernandez-Serra on her research team after acing her courses in Scientific Programming and Thermodynamics by the end of his sophomore year. There he learned more advanced programming methods centered around molecular simulations. The team's research focused on simulating icing models of water.

Afterward, Jonathan dedicated some of his time to volunteering and tutoring other students in the Physics Help Room, which he himself had used in previous years. Having had many great professors and instructors, he took the best lessons and helped others. He discovered an ability to communicate complicated subjects in an easier and more understandable approach.

His core teaching principle is that of intuition, focusing heavily on ensuring physics and mathematics come naturally in the thinking of his students.

Physics Tutor Jonathan Lupercio


Stony Brook University
Bachelor of Science in Physics
Minor in Mathematics


Department of Physics,
Stony Brook University
Volunteer Tutor

Fernandez-Serra Research Group,
Stony Brook University
Undergraduate Researcher