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Everything you see is governed by mathematical law.

Mathematics can help you make sense of the world.

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Learn math and physics from real physicists discovering new physics.

Mentoring by physicists
From Top Rated Universities

Our tutors are working scientists at universities like Stanford and U.C. Berkeley. They’re not only teaching and mentoring, but also engaged in life-long learning, discovering new physics. They’re good at physics and good at teaching it – a rare combination!

Math & Physics Tutoring
From Jr. High Up

You or your child can learn algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, physics and astronomy at junior high, high school and college level, or as professional development. Our teachers are the people behind exams, so you or your child’s preparation and instruction will be truly expert.​

Learning Differences

Einstein had one, he did pretty well for himself. Our tutors specialize in learning differences including ADHD, Asperger’s, Dysgraphia and Dyslexia. Our expert methods and strategies help you or your child unlock potential and achieve to the fullest.

A personalized study program won’t just be taught by teachers from top rated universities – it will also be enjoyable.

See how Alexander Math & Physics Tutoring Rates

  •   I had a great experience as a tutored student these past few months. I worked with Tyler who was extremely effective, to-the-point, and knowledgeable. I was really having trouble understanding how to translate a problem into understandable calculus, and Tyler helped me break down problems step by step so that I could more easily understand.  

    thumb Mary S.
  •   Alexander Tutoring is excellent. They were able to very quickly find a capable and helpful tutor for my college-sophomore daughter who needed help with Calculus before returning to school this fall. She found the sessions incredibly useful. Highly recommended.

    thumb Ted B.
  •   My kid had weekly math tutoring with Wilder and a few sessions with Sean. Both tutors were TERRIFIC. Also, the company is well organized and well run. Everything from scheduling to payment was handled smoothly. The price is steep, but the service - and the customer service - were both top notch. Would highly recommend Alexander Tutoring!

    thumb Fern W.
  •   Alexander Math & Physics Tutoring already came highly recommended to us by our son's teacher but I could not have imagined the impact Tyler had on our son. A junior in High School he was struggling with Physics adding a lot of anxiety and stress to his school days.

    Our son strives in a 1-1 environment and Sean took time to talk to us about our needs and matched our son with Tyler. Tyler has helped him tremendously, not only understanding and mastering the material but discovering his love for Physics and Math in the process. After the first session with Tyler he came home and could not stop talking about Physics--he could not wait for the next session. He felt that Tyler totally got how he his brain works and was amazed how things all of a sudden fell into place. Tyler will accompany our son through senior year, without a question. Last week our son came home from a Physics class literally jumping up and down. He had been able to explain a process in class as one of the only ones because Tyler had explained it to him in an interesting conversation they had the day before. Moments like these are precious in building the confidence needed to succeed. Tyler is not only our son's tutor but also his mentor.

    Sean and Tyler have been very accommodating to our schedule--even setting up skype sessions while we were traveling in Germany. Both were in contact with our son's teacher to make sure they understood what was expected in the class. We can very highly recommend Tyler and Sean and his team.

    thumb Yasmin K. D.
  •   My child had a wonderful experience with SA tutoring this summer. Chase was reluctant and not at all enthusiastic about doing work over the summer. His tutor Olivia not only made it fun and interesting but also helped him with his summer homework. This has made Chase feel more comfortable about entering the 7th grade, feeling caught up on his work but also having a better grasp on what is to be expected in this next year.
    In addition I appreciated their willingness to work with our schedule, and their options on different meeting locations in the city.
    I highly recommend Sean Alexander to anyone looking for good, solid tutoring help.

    thumb Alison L.
  •   My daughter Anna worked with Olivia to brush up on her math and science for her SAT/ACT tests. Anna found the time she spent with Olivia very useful and enjoyable, and is now much more confident, which we've also seen reflected in her results. Olivia and Sean were also very flexible, and always tried to accommodate our requests to modify the schedule, etc. I would definitely recommend Sean's service.

    thumb Willi G.
  •   Studying with Harmony made such a big difference for my daughter at school. She was discouraged from taking higher-level math last year, and had to advocate strongly for herself to get that placement. She was pretty intimidated at the start of the school year and doubting whether she'd made the right call. As well, there were a few boys who were dominating the conversation. She's stuck it out now, speaks up in class, and is excelling. I know it was valuable for her to see a female role model handling math with grace, and she enjoyed Harmony's company as well. Thanks Harmony!

    thumb Marcella C.
  •   Sean is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Our daughter Maya always struggled in Maths, and in 9th grade's first quarter, we realized we needed some serious help for her. First report card scored an low D.
    Sean worked with Maya, one session at a time, at her pace, giving her confidence and going back to the roots and missed Math notions. Happy to report that Maya's final report card scores a high B, and her Math teacher elected her the MVP of her class. Sean's help has been unvaluable in Maya's progress. Worth every penny! Thanks Sean, you rock!

    thumb Sam B.
  •   What can I say about Sean that has not already been shared here...HE SIMPLY ROCKS!
    He worked with our daughter (11th grade) and helped her to find confidence in a subject that is literally like learning another language for her.  He met her where she was and encouraged her to push herself and did it all with humor and patience. And the results were terrific both in her approach to math and her grades.
    Sean was always accommodating and quick to offer additional sessions (Skype, home office) during crunch time. And as other reviewers have stated, it was never a push to get our daughter to meet with Sean, in fact she looked forward to her weekly sessions with him because he had the ability to simplify and break things down for her in a way that made sense to her. Sean is a gifted educator and a super nice guy!

    thumb li p.
  •   Thank you so much Sean for you help with Diego. He was able to bring his grade up and finished the semester with a B- (from an F). No more academic probation, he is moving on to 12th grade.

    thumb elise h.

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