Motivation, curiosity and genuine understanding

begin when a student is engaged and energized by tutoring sessions.

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Everything you see is governed by mathematical law.

Mathematics can help you make sense of the world.

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Learn math and physics from real physicists discovering new physics.

Mentoring by physicists
From Top Rated Universities

Our tutors are working scientists at universities like Stanford and U.C. Berkeley. They’re not only teaching and mentoring, but also engaged in life-long learning, discovering new physics. They’re good at physics and good at teaching it – a rare combination!

Math & Physics Tutoring
From Jr. High Up

You or your child can learn algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, physics and astronomy at junior high, high school and college level, or as professional development. Our teachers are the people behind exams, so you or your child’s preparation and instruction will be truly expert.​

Learning Differences

Einstein had one, he did pretty well for himself. Our tutors specialize in learning differences including ADHD, Asperger’s, Dysgraphia and Dyslexia. Our expert methods and strategies help you or your child unlock potential and achieve to the fullest.

A personalized study program won’t just be taught by teachers from top rated universities – it will also be enjoyable.

See how Alexander Math & Physics Tutoring Rates

  •   My kid had weekly math tutoring with Wilder and a few sessions with Sean. Both tutors were TERRIFIC. Also, the company is well organized and well run. Everything from scheduling to payment was handled smoothly. The price is steep, but the service - and the customer service - were both top notch. Would highly recommend Alexander Tutoring!

    thumb Fern W.
  •   Sean offers great tutoring. My son was a Senior in High School, and the AP physics had become very difficult for him. He had become very stressed, and his grades were getting worse at every tests. After starting tutoring with Sean, he started to feel more relax about physics, and had a good grade at his International Baccalaureate. Sean knew how to make him approach the tests in a more relax way. Sean's help was priceless. Thank you, Sean.

    thumb Colombe C.
  •   Alexander Math and Physics tutoring is truly a superior tutoring service. My daughter was really struggling with math and physics at the beginning of her Freshman year and after starting tutoring once a week her marks started improving immediately! By the end of the year, she achieved an A+ in physics and an A in math! Sean was not only excellent in working with my daughter, he was very organized, reliable and accommodating if I ever had to change the day, or get extra sessions for finals etc.. My daughter has more confidence going into Sophomore year and we couldn't be happier with this excellent tutoring service. This was an amazing success story and I very highly recommend this tutoring service to everyone!

    thumb Jacquie S.
  •   This is the Cadillac (or Tesla? Bentley?) of math/science tutors! Tyler helped my child survive AP Physics with a really poor high school teacher. Tyler taught underlying concepts, reinforced necessary Calc lessons, and diagnosed roadblocks before they became problems. He worked with a complicated schedule and was flexible. More importantly - when there were critical tests or problems, Sean and Tyler jumped in and did whatever was necessary to provide emergency Physics triage! As a result: our child learned that hard work, a tough attitude and commitment can get you through ( while several classmates blame the teacher and complain constantly.) And she loves them so much she declined summer vacation so she could spend the month before college starts reviewing Calc and learning to code. They are worth everything.

    thumb Deanna H.
  •   After SF public schools ended their honors math programs I was looking for a way for my 8th grader to qualify for high school honors Math. I am happy to report that Tyler at Alexander Math and Physics tutoring helped my son to test into Algebra 2 honors! His math grade in school went up to an A. Then when we told him he could stop tutoring with Tyler he didn't want to stop tutoring because he enjoyed what he was learning. Wow! My older son is now preparing for the Physics and Math subject tests and Alexander Tutoring is where we are going. I am so thankful to have advanced Math and Physics help for my kids.

    thumb Alexandra N.
  •   My daughter was having a difficult time in honors physics and her work with the tutor we found through Alexander Tutoring helped her to bring her grade up by a full letter grade!  The tutor she used was professional and extremely well qualified.

    thumb Jennifer F.
  •   Our daughter wanted to improve her SAT math score and was willing to do test prep. In order to target her weaker areas in the time frame she had, we decided 1:1 tutoring would be the most efficient way to go. Sean was great to work with on the admin side. The tutoring sites were convenient and safe. Our daughter said her tutor, Olivia, explained things very clearly plus she was really nice and patient. Her SAT score went up 120 points overall and her math score went up 70 points. It worked for us because of excellent tutoring combined with the extra work my daughter put in between the tutoring sessions. Highly recommend.

    thumb Mark F.
  •   My daughter is a senior at highschool and is doing honors Physics.
    She wants to enroll for the AP physics tests as well.
    During her classes at highschool she was struggling with the physics,so we decided to ask Sean for help.
    Our daughter said that Sean can explain it very well and she was so relieved that she can understood much better the theory.
    It gave her a big push for her self esteem and that she will not fail in her honors class physics.
    Highly recommend Sean!

    thumb Lydia W.
  •   My daughter blossomed! Knowledge and confidence way up! Thank you Alexander and team! Definitely recommend for all your kid' tutoring needs.

    thumb Max S.
  •   As a former online principal and educator from the early days of 'online education' (circa 1996-2008), I can attest to the difficulties of teaching mathematical concepts online (or even face to face). My son is part of the Smack Happy team that developed this website and he sends me links to some completed projects he thinks I'd be interested in...
    Well, I perused the website and then watched the lesson on how the formula for the area of a circle is derived. What a great way to teach!  If this sample lesson is any indication of their skill and passion in tutoring, I can heartily recommend their program.

    thumb Barry S.

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