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Everything you see is governed by mathematical law.

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Learn math and physics from real physicists discovering new physics.

Mentoring by physicists
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Our tutors are working scientists at universities like Stanford and U.C. Berkeley. They’re not only teaching and mentoring, but also engaged in life-long learning, discovering new physics. They’re good at physics and good at teaching it – a rare combination!

Math & Physics Tutoring
From Jr. High Up

You or your child can learn algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, physics and astronomy at junior high, high school and college level, or as professional development. Our teachers are the people behind exams, so you or your child’s preparation and instruction will be truly expert.​

Learning Differences

Einstein had one, he did pretty well for himself. Our tutors specialize in learning differences including ADHD, Asperger’s, Dysgraphia and Dyslexia. Our expert methods and strategies help you or your child unlock potential and achieve to the fullest.

A personalized study program won’t just be taught by teachers from top rated universities – it will also be enjoyable.

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  •   Over the years now, we've had three different tutors provided by Sean who have all been excellent. Currently, Angelique is great. One of the things I really have liked is that they work not only to catch your kid up to where they need to be, but they also work ahead. That way, when the kids do it in class there's some familiarity. Communication and scheduling is great as well!

    thumb M W.
  •   My son struggled with organization and a few concepts before entering 7th grade. After a  hiccup with another tutor, Sean really connected with him and helped get him back on track.  So far, his grades are great and my son regained his love for the science and confidence when doing math.

    thumb Guillermo L.
  •   Excellent Tutors! Both my son and daughter really enjoyed working with Alexander Tutoring. Both of my kids had busy schedules and Sean was super helpful, flexible and understanding. We found the tutors smart and relatable. Highly recommended and well worth it. Thank you Alexander Tutoring!

    thumb Ashely F.
  •   We took an opportunity last year to have our 8th grader participate in a tutoring program outside of school. This group of highly educated folks were a hit for my son and a success for his math grade. They fill up quick but they definitely worked hard to find us an opening or even make an opportunity happen for us. They have a straight forward upfront no gimmick operation. My son's grade did improve and I would recommend my children going back to them.

    thumb Stacy W.
  •   Sean tutored me when I was in a pre-med program.  I was drowning, never having taken physics before.  His tools, patience, and professionalism helped me to understand step by step, how to succeed in physics.  I would highly recommend him!  Thanks Sean!

    thumb Melinda W.
  •   They provided extremely helpful support for me as I made my way through a pre-calc course after 30 plus years away from mathematics.  I realized after a couple of weeks of class that I was not going to survive without extra help and sought out Alexander Tutoring for assistance.  My very accomplished tutor met with me on a weekly basis to sort through problems I was having with concepts and homework.  Together we were able to mend the extensive holes that had developed in my memory of basic concepts.  I was very pleased to receive an A- in the course after so long away from the subject.  I give Alexander Tutoring an enthusiastic endorsement for anyone of any age who is struggling with math.

    thumb Robin B.
  •   We have lived in San Francisco for 14 years and my 3 children have attended public school. MOST of the time they have enjoyed great or fine teachers. When my daughter got to high school, the math teacher she had for Algebra 1 was not good. My daughter is curious and works hard. Math is not her favorite subject but she worked hard and still could not understand & got low grades. As a parent, I'm not as concerned about grades. I want to know my children are making the effort they are capable of (most of the time) & showing up and trying. I also want them to learn and understand. Much of my high school math career was a total waste and I learned very little. If you don't learn Algebra 1, it's a hot mess as you don't have the necessary foundation and once in calculus, if you make it that far, most mistakes are algebraic according to a principal we had with a PHD in Math. My daughter got another terrible teacher for Geometry. Even the school counselors would speak openly about this teacher being one of the worst in the School's history. My daughter was trying hard and yet not understanding and getting terrible grades. After studying really hard for a test and feeling confident she understood, I remember watching her face fall one Saturday night as she checked her test grade and got a D. As a parent I didn't know what to do Because we were watching Khan Academy videos and she was studying and still not understanding. My friend Laura told me about Sean Alexander tutoring and my daughter started with Olivia a few years ago. Immediate improvement in understanding and therefore grades.  We had such a good experience with Olivia and Sean that we signed both of our teens up for the math intensive program in the summer of 2018. My kids went once a week with a tutor named Charlie to learn about algebra one and really focus on algebra basics. My daughter ended up getting a 700 on the Math portion of the SAT. She did take practice test and she did the tutoring with Alexander tutoring. She did not do any other test prep. She couldn't believe she did better on the math portion than the language portion as she loves History and English.

    Our son was starting high school last fall and after his sisters experience with the math teachers, we wanted to get ahead of the issue and so he took the math intensive program just like his sister. Our son, like many do, struggles with focus and impulse control and I told this to Sean. Doing the summer intensive program relieved so much stress to the entire school year. We didn't even do the tutoring during the school year. We tried to save money by doing online tutoring from Growing Stars (I think that is the name) and my kids thought it was boring and dreaded it and told me they really didn't need the tutoring because what they had learned in the summer was caring them through in their classes. They both did fine all year. If you do you want to do the tutoring in the school year , I would sign up now and early because it does fill up. We took a risk and didn't sign up because my kids felt confident they were going to be OK and they were.

    This summer my son, who will be a sophomore fall 2019,  is meeting twice weekly with Felix. On Tuesday they meet at the library for physics and Thursday at the library for Geometry. I have learned that engaging your kids in the summer a little bit pays off a huge amount during the school year. My children do really well with the one on one tutoring and we have found it is a great investment. It's not cheap because these are knowledgeable tutors and they have to pay SF rent too! We haven't done any other test prep (because the free one at the high school for a day) and my daughter is doing really well on her ACT and SAT math scores but more importantly to me, she understands math! She is willing to sit and do all the practice tests on her own because math doesn't intimidate her anymore. Like all of the tutors, Felix is exceptionally organized and communicates constantly. He is easy to reach, responsive and uses the books we provided him from the school as well as provides some homework each week. Sean asks the teenagers at the beginning of the summer  how much homework they are willing to do realistically each week and makes them commit to that. This is very wise because he doesn't want the children to feel burned out or resentful but to  have some control over this whole process.

    Honestly, my children have been very happy about being able to go to the tutoring because they realize how much they have benefited from it.  Summer tutoring or school year tutoring reduces stress during the school year and has made all of the difference in my children actually UNDERSTANDING. Alexander tutoring has made all the difference for my children and their relationship with math. Look up YouCubed as well for extra Algebra support. Stanford professor Jo Boaler's site to try and help students have a better view of and relationship with Math.

    thumb Nettie A.
  •   In short, Sean and the tutors at Alexander Tutoring have been great. Math instruction from our child's school math teacher was lacking, unfortunately. We are very grateful for Sean's help, which has resulted in our child enjoying math again and feeling confident in her ability to take on (and enjoy!) higher-level math. Sean genuinely cares and that has made all the difference.

    thumb I Y.
  •   We engaged the services of Alexander Tutoring for both of our sons with great success. Our 9th grader participated in the summer intensive last summer to review math concepts to feel confident with high school Algebra. His experience was very positive, he was ready to attend every session, appreciated his tutor Charlie, and felt like he was much more solid on an array of concepts. It really boosted his confidence going into high school, which was very valuable.
    Our younger son received tutoring during this last fall semester for review of concepts he needed more grounding in as a 7th grader. He also had success and gained confidence with each session, enough so he felt he could move forward on his own after winter break.
    Sean was great to work with when we had scheduling conflicts or illness, and locations for tutoring were convenient. We highly recommend Alexander Tutoring for learning and building confidence.

    thumb Natalie K.
  •   I had a great experience as a tutored student these past few months. I worked with Tyler who was extremely effective, to-the-point, and knowledgeable. I was really having trouble understanding how to translate a problem into understandable calculus, and Tyler helped me break down problems step by step so that I could more easily understand.  

    thumb Mary S.

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