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Math and Physics Tutoring That Changes How You Feel About Math



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Math and Physics Tutoring That Changes How You Feel About Math

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Math and physics have a bad reputation among students, but they shouldn't. The problem is how these topics are traditionally taught. Memorize a formula.....plug in some numbers.....there is no magic in that. Our universe speaks one language: mathematics. When you see math in all things, passion ignites.

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math and physics tutoring from physicists that feel for you


We remember how intimidating math can be, and how it can make you feel.  The struggle is real. Whether you're in elementary school or high school or beyond, we will meet you at exactly your level.


Memorizing a formula is ok. Deriving a formula is better. Seeing math in everything is best. We derive every formula we use, then show how the formula models nature. This is where the magic happens.


Wonder why your student isn't motivated? It's because they aren't inspired. By leading with inspiration, you tap into their superpower. Motivation and grades follow naturally.

Become An "A" Math Student For Life

Become an "A" Math Student for Life consists of 10 one-on-one online lessons to be scheduled at your convenience this summer between June 19th and August 31st. Time slots are given out first come, first served.

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There is no such thing as being "bad at math." Anyone struggling in math has had a bad experience. A mean teacher, embarrassed in front of the class, etc. Once this happens, the student DECIDES that they are bad at math. This is what we call the "math narrative".

Our math and physics tutoring  specialty is re-writing the narrative by:

Discovering what the student IS passionate about, be it art, music, history, sports, or natural sciences.

Showing how math applies to their passion. Remember, math applies to everything.

Tapping into the fire the student has for their passion in life, and focusing it on math and physics.

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"I cannot recommend Alexander Tutoring enough.  From so many angles can I affirm their reliability, spot-on help, expertise in this work, and in particular, expertise with teenagers.  As a parent and educator, I am in awe of this team and how they deliver help as though it is on a cloud with a rainbow connected."
- Tara T:  High School Learning Specialist and Alexander Tutoring Client

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. - Al Einstein

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
- Al Einstein (a historical figure who overcame learning differences)

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"I am happy to report that Alexander Math and Physics Tutoring helped my son to test into Algebra 2 honors! His math grade in school went up to an A. Then when we told him he could stop tutoring he didn't want to because he enjoyed what he was learning. Wow!"
- Alex N., Parent

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Empower your child to imagine their bright future through experienced, patient, and empathetic math tutors specializing in a variety of math courses to help students learn how easy it is to become "good at math".


Private tutoring that inspires and encourages. Help your child master physics and chemistry one step at a time, for a positive transformation to their overall thinking and approach to learning.

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Our online tutoring sessions build valuable skills for life. Watch your child's confidence take flight while exploring the language of our universe. View all of our services to see what works best for you or your student.

Scholarship program

The Alexander Tutoring Scholarship Program is committed to giving back to our community through free tutoring for low-income students.

For each student that signs up with us, one student in need gets free tutoring.

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