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Summer is by far the most important semester of the year for math.  Without a class to keep up with, we can master the foundational skills that are the real reason your student is struggling in math.

I highly recommend the summer math program. My daughter thought it was extremely helpful to review for the upcoming school year. Prior to her doing the summer program she found math to be very challenging and by doing the summer program she entered the new school year with greater confidence and excitement. Her grade improved by almost a full point and she wants to do the summer program again this summer.

I highly recommend the summer math program. My daughter thought it was extremely helpful to review for the upcoming school year. Prior to her doing the summer program she found math to be very challenging and by doing the summer program she entered the new school year with greater confidence and excitement. Her grade improved by almost a full point and she wants to do the summer program again this summer.

About the online summer math intensive

Problems in math can always be traced back to unmastered math foundations.  Summer is the perfect time to identify and rectify these missing skills.  

A math tutor tutoring a student for the summer math intensive

"Become an A Math Student for Life" consists of 10-hour-long lessons to be scheduled at your convenience over the summer.

Summer is by far the best time to tutor math.

With no class to keep up with, we can focus 100% of our attention on fundamental math skills that lead to success. 

We'll also teach the first 20% of the math class you'll be taking in the fall.

Students who participate in Online Summer Math-Intensive Tutoring become A+ math students for life.


"He (her son) asked if he could continue tutoring in math because he was really enjoying how much he was learning."
- Alex N., Parent

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We are committed to making an impact in the lives of our students and families. 

sean alexander


Sean discovered a fascination for physics when he was just fifteen, when he proof-read a friend’s report on black holes. In one semester, he read every physics book in his school’s library. He was hooked, but his love of teaching came a bit later.

sam headshot


The past nineteen years of teaching has provided him the opportunity to learn and grow alongside students in the United States, Mexico, Ecuador & Venezuela. During that time, he taught all subjects to many different age groups but has always had a special place in his heart for math.



I believe that the motivation to practice mathematics must be discovered by the individual, and I am excited to watch my students discover what it is about mathematics that gives it purpose to them.

Rebecca Malas

Rebecca Malas

My love of science started at an early age when I used to watch Star Trek Voyager with my family. Seeing these women leaders in science inspired me to continue to pursue physics and engineering in my dreams to one day reach the stars.



As a teacher, I learned even more from these problems than I did as a student; I am excited to watch my students develop a confidence and fluency in mathematics.

Physics Tutor Jonathan Lupercio


His core teaching principle is that of intuition, focusing heavily on ensuring physics and mathematics comes naturally in the thinking of his students.

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He noticed his strong love for mathematics at the tender age of eight years old. Though difficult, he welcomed the challenge and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that accompanied solving each equation.

Our Mathematics Tutor James Magnatta


Still teaching as his primary form of income and loving every minute of it. When he is not talking math with students he spends his free time surfing, sailing, exploring, and concocting meals to pass the time.

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Angelique has had two passions both of which she has been lucky enough to study and work in professionally. The first is teaching mathematics, the second is Opera.



With a B.S degree in Chemistry from The Central University of Venezuela, he started delving into physics and mathematics to take on one of the most fascinating areas of knowledge, Quantum Mechanics, and the application of its concepts in the atomic and molecular world.



Between spaceships, lightsabers, and the mystical powers of the Force (which one later finds out is a fundamental concept that drives all of physics... not the mystical part but the force part), a young boy’s imagination was stolen.


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Forrest F. Says:

AT was able to help our son improve by a full letter grade in just four weeks, and was worth every penny we invested in the process. The AT staff is very professional, high energy, friendly, and adaptable. We are delighted to be working with them to help our family continue to develop math and physics acumen. A+ service!


Many parents wonder how they will help their kids catch up in math after missing material during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We've had the opportunity to see how many different schools have reacted to the crisis, every story is different.  Some schools rose to the challenge, and some did not.  Regardless it's safe to assume that none of our kids are where they normally would be in math by this time of year.  

Recently, we've spoken with many parents and math and physics students to hear their concerns.  Many students have screen fatigue.  Many parents are having a hard time engaging their kids as a teacher.  Even if you are an engineer and excellent at math, there is much more to teaching math than being good at it.  You must ensure the student is in a relaxed, non-argumentative state of mind to learn anything.  Unfortunately, this isn't the typical parent/child dynamic.  We've had many Ph.D. scientists hire us not because they can't do the assignments but because they can't connect with their child at that level.  Our tutors are experts at this.  They expertly ride the line between dorky and relaxed and have lovely, meaningful relationships with their students.

That being said, there is hope!  Many parents have wasted the most valuable resource for getting ahead of the game and not just catching up in math.  That resource is right in front of us. That resource is...Summer!!!


Every student should be using the summer months to catch up on math right now.  Think about it, everyone takes a 3-month vacation from math each year and still survives. This year you lost the spring semester instead of the summer semester.  You can easily catch up in math during this time period!

The moral of the story is you've had an opportunity to get ahead in math every single year, you just didn't use it!  Make this the Summer of mathematics, and your student will enter the Fall semester ahead of the game.  

Each student should be doing 10 minutes per night of math.  Do that and you will erase your Covid-19 losses!  Our favorite free resource for math worksheets is Kuta Math. Check them out! They have worksheets for almost every math topic (up until the end of high school, anyway).   Also handy is the way they organize the worksheets by topic.  So if you're taking geometry next year, make sure you can do most of the algebra worksheets this summer.  If you are taking calculus next year, make sure you can do the pre-calculus worksheets this summer. 

Take this time to do problems from your class this past Spring semester.  This is how you can catch up in math during the summer! That way, you will be prepared for your class in the fall.  You could even do the first few sections from the class you will be taking in the fall.  It's great to familiarize yourself with the upcoming math class over the summer.  That way, when you sit in class in the Fall, you are familiar with all the math topics on the board.  Then the class will reinforce what you already know, giving you a big confidence boost!

We recommend doing problems on actual paper, not a screen. Not just any graph paper but the super cool engineering graph paper.

Here's the graph paper we recommend.

Using this paper will make your student feel professional while keeping their math lined up.  Neatness is not optional to be a great mathematician.

If your student is in the 8th to 9th grade, set a goal of having them be able to solve a system of equations with fractional coefficients. This is a significant milestone as it proves your student has mastered many essential math skills.  Here's a great video on this topic!

We've created several great math videos on the most critical topics in math that we see causing students issues over and over again.  If you take the time to master the topics in these videos this Summer, you will be WAY ahead of the game, going beyond just a way to catch up in math...  Also, the rest of your math career will go much smoother.  Pick a video, then search for the same problem on Kuta Math.  See if you can do the exercises on your new, fantastic engineering graph paper.  The cool thing about Kuta Math is the difficulty goes from easy to hard.  

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Give particular attention to the videos on fractions and negative numbers.  I bet you think these topics aren't an issue for your student.  I bet they probably are.  We've found that 7 out of 10 seniors in high school can't add fractions, and they're in calculus!  It's a topic that is easily overlooked and never goes away. 

The problem we see repeatedly occurs once students get to algebra 2 or pre-calculus.  This is when all the math you've learned from prior years comes back to haunt you simultaneously.  Your student will be asked to challenge multistep problems with mixed fractions.  The fraction won't be the central part of the problem, but it's assumed your student can handle them.  If your student doesn't feel comfortable with the fractions, the larger math problem will seem overwhelming, which is when meltdowns occur. 

Save yourself tons of grief by learning fractions once and for all this Summer!  Watch this video on fractions with your student.  Then Google "Kuta fractions" to get a worksheet and see how many you can do.