Summer Math Intensive tutoring

Become an A math student for life.

We know it’s not about ability – anyone can solve a math problem – it’s just about confidence. We’re here to change your attitude to math. Not only will you do better, you’ll be so intrigued that you’ll end up having fun! You are only 10 sessions away from math mastery!

Summer is by far our favorite time to teach math. The reason is when there is no class to keep up with we can focus 100% of our attention on the fundamental skills that lead to success. Often during the school year we'll notice a skill that needs some help but we don't have time to fully dive into it because we have a test to prepare for. Over the summer we can spend all of our tutoring time mastering the key skills that lead to success in math in a manner that is fun and engaging. We turn students into ultra-confident math machines that will look forward to crushing their math class in the fall. Students that participate in the summer intensive tutoring program become A math students for life.

The course comprises 10 one-on-one tutoring sessions that you’ll find yourself looking forward to.

"Clay is KILLING it in his advanced pre-calc class. Thank you so much for setting him up with Charlie last summer."

- Learning specialist from Sacred Heart.


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