Summer Math Intensive tutoring

Become an "A" math student for life.

It’s not about ability, anyone can solve a math problem. It’s about confidence.

This is how math makes us feel!

We’re here to change your attitude about math. Not only will your grades improve, but you’ll also be so intrigued you end up having fun! You are 10 sessions away from math mastery!

About the course

The course comprises 10 one-on-one tutoring sessions that you’ll find yourself looking forward to.

It’s not about ability, anyone can solve a math problem. It’s about confidence. We’re here to change your attitude about math. Not only will your grades improve, you’ll be so intrigued you end up having fun! You are 10 sessions away from math mastery!

Summer is by far our favorite time to tutor math.

With no class to keep up with, we can focus 100% of our attention on fundamental skills that lead to success. Often during the school year, we'll notice a skill that needs work. We don't have time to fully dive in because we have a test to prepare for. During summer, we can spend all of our tutoring time mastering the skills that lead to success in math. We do it in a manner that is fun and engaging. We turn students into ultra-confident math machines that will crush their fall math class. Students that participate in the summer math-intensive tutoring program become A+ math students for life.


"He (her son) asked if he could continue tutoring in math because he was really enjoying how much he was learning."
- Alex N., Parent

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We are committed to making an impact in the lives of our students and families. 



Sean discovered a fascination for physics when he was just fifteen, when he proof-read a friend’s report on black holes. In one semester, he read every physics book in his school’s library. He was hooked, but his love of teaching came a bit later.

sam headshot


The past nineteen years of teaching has provided him the opportunity to learn and grow alongside students in the United States, Mexico, Ecuador & Venezuela. During that time, he taught all subjects to many different age groups but has always had a special place in his heart for math.



I believe that the motivation to practice mathematics must be discovered by the individual, and I am excited to watch my students discover what it is about mathematics that gives it purpose to them.

Rebecca Malas

Rebecca Malas

My love of science started at an early age when I used to watch Star Trek Voyager with my family. Seeing these women leaders in science inspired me to continue to pursue physics and engineering in my dreams to one day reach the stars.



As a teacher, I learned even more from these problems than I did as a student; I am excited to watch my students develop a confidence and fluency in mathematics.

Physics Tutor Jonathan Lupercio


His core teaching principle is that of intuition, focusing heavily on ensuring physics and mathematics comes naturally in the thinking of his students.

Gerald Morgan


He noticed his strong love for mathematics at the tender age of eight years old. Though difficult, he welcomed the challenge and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that accompanied solving each equation.

Our Mathematics Tutor James Magnatta


Still teaching as his primary form of income and loving every minute of it. When he is not talking math with students he spends his free time surfing, sailing, exploring, and concocting meals to pass the time.

Angelique Alexander


Angelique has had two passions both of which she has been lucky enough to study and work in professionally. The first is teaching mathematics, the second is Opera.



With a B.S degree in Chemistry from The Central University of Venezuela, he started delving into physics and mathematics to take on one of the most fascinating areas of knowledge, Quantum Mechanics, and the application of its concepts in the atomic and molecular world.



Between spaceships, lightsabers, and the mystical powers of the Force (which one later finds out is a fundamental concept that drives all of physics... not the mystical part but the force part), a young boy’s imagination was stolen.

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