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Your brain is a muscle. With the right mental exercises, and through mathematical thought, it can grow.

Get math tutoring for the SAT Math test. It's probably the most difficult and challenging standardized test your child has to take to gain admission to the college of their choice.

Today, there is undeniably high competition to get into the best universities or colleges. Next, calculators are now allowed in certain sections of the new test format. This has also placed a greater emphasis on practical problem solving and algebra. The introduction of more math topics has also changed the timing and scoring systems of the test.

With the right tools, we believe that your child can achieve outstanding scores on the test. At Alexander Tutoring, our math tutoring services cover all the topics your child must learn and excel in.

Mastering Math | What's Holding Your Child Back?

Has your child complained that he or she is terrible at math? Or has your child questioned the point of learning math altogether, e.g. "When am I ever going to apply math concepts in real life?" As adults, it is our responsibility to help children understand that math is the language of the natural world. Many things on Earth are governed by mathematical law. For example, Fibonacci’s golden ratio and Newton’s law of universal gravitation apply to all forms of life. Mathematics allow humans to make sense of the world.

Your brain is a muscle. With the right mental exercises, and through mathematical thought, it can grow. By tackling more challenging math problems, young brains can establish more synaptic connections. In fact, active learning helps both young and adult brains to become more powerful and skillful.

What Does Alexander Tutoring Provide for Math Tutoring?

At Alexander Tutoring, we realize that nothing beats one-on-one instruction. We make efficient use of your child's focus, time, and energy to help them learn the most important math concepts. Before that, our tutors work in tandem with them to understand their problem areas. Aside from teaching individual topics, we also help your child gain a deeper understanding of how major tests are constructed. Our math tutors will navigate each content area at a pace that's comfortable for you.

Alexander Tutoring's math tutors will also help you develop a real sense of confidence and readiness for your exams. How often have you walked into an exam hall feeling you know everything that needs to be known, but become unglued when you start reading the questions? That's not going to happen again.

Our Expertise in Math Tutoring

What SAT and ACT math concepts do we cover? Here is a quick look at some of the core concepts that our math tutors will be teaching:

  • Multiplication Counting Principles
  • Functions
  • Understanding Slope
  • Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
  • Laws of Logic and Conditional Statements
  • Unit Conversions
  • Solving Inequalities
  • Complex Numbers
  • Parabolas: General Form, Intercept, and Vertex
  • … and more!

Choose Alexander Tutoring for Math Tutoring

At Alexander Tutoring, we are not only math tutors. We strive to be good role models for your child too. We work tirelessly to help your child realize his or her full academic potential. With our leading tutoring services, math is a subject that no longer needs to be feared or shunned.

When you choose our math tutoring services, we do not teach tricks or gimmicks. It is all about pure practice, strategy, and mastering core concepts that promote deep learning. These skills work on the test and beyond! What's more, our math tutoring teams are based in San Francisco, Oakland, San Mateo, and South Bay.

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