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Physics, in Greek, literally means "knowledge of nature". Think of it as the ability to appreciate beauty in ways that go beyond just the 5 senses.

We can all relate to the feeling of awe and wonder experienced when seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. We physicists experience this awe when we see the simplicity of physical laws that explain so many phenomena.

The mechanism behind your fridge magnet is the same mechanism that holds atoms together!

The Grand Canyon, as well as all other physical phenomenon, are made of atoms. Making connections like this is what inspires the study of this physics subject. Your physics tutor reveals the deep connections between math and the natural world. Once this connection is understood the student is more than willing to learn the material. In fact, they will hunger for it!



A major portion of high school physics is mathematical. Some students struggle with the highly conceptual theories and ideas inherent to the subject. Other physics students need support with the underlying math skills that are included in physics. Whichever the case, the right physics tutoring services can be the difference between an average to good grade and a great one.

At Alexander Tutoring, we understand that some students may be embarrassed to admit that he or she is having trouble understanding a point that their teacher made. Your physics tutor will slow things down for the student. We encourage students to take things one step at a time. Your physics tutor helps students become more methodical and organized in their thinking and approach to learning.

About Physics Tutoring

Tailored Study Program

Your physics tutors will tailor a study program based on each student's unique needs.

The goal of the physics tutor is to ensure that the student understands the material and achieves a better grade.

One to One Tutoring

Every session is one-to-one and may include:

  • Mini tests
  • Quizzes
  • Drilling Problems
  • Reviewing Difficult Ideas

Your tutor is capable of giving as many mini exams as students needs before the real one. These mock exams help increase your child's confidence and iron out any problem areas.

Practice makes Perfect

There are no shortcuts.
To be an expert,
you need a lot of practice.

Your physics tutor also imparts another very important skill to students – back-solving one's problems. This system allows your child to give their answers a careful once-over and avoid turning in mistakes.


Our dedicated physics tutors have taught a wide variety of AP Physics B, college introductory, and high school students. Our team is well-versed in the following key physics concepts, including:

  • Mechanics
  • Optics, Waves, And Quantum
  • Range Equations
  • Circular Motion
  • Newton’s Law
  • Magnetism
  • Magnitude
  • Projectile Motion
  • Physics Formulas
  • Acceleration
  • Vectors
  • Thermodynamics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Electricity
  • … and more!


Wilder a Tutor at Alexander Tutoring


His fascination with physics and mathematics began in High School. It's been a large part of who he is ever since.

Wilder earned his BA in Physics from Middlebury College in 2015. He then developed an interest in computer science and math. So he picked up a major and minor, respectively.

Alexander Sheyni math physics tutor

Alexander Sheynis

His love of mathematics and physics truly began when I first saw the classic Star Wars Trilogy as a child of about age 7.

Between spaceships with neat designs and lightsabers and the mystical powers of the Force (which one later finds out is a fundamental concept that drives all of physics... not the mystical part but the force part), a young boy’s imagination was stolen.


We are committed to making an impact in the lives of our students and families. 



Sean discovered a fascination for physics when he was just fifteen, when he proof-read a friend’s report on black holes. In one semester, he read every physics book in his school’s library. He was hooked, but his love of teaching came a bit later.



A key member of the Kepler Space Telescope missions at UC Berkeley, he brings a unique and exciting perspective to his math and physics teaching at Alexander Tutoring.

Gerald Morgan Tutor


He noticed his strong love for mathematics at the tender age of eight years old. Though difficult, he welcomed the challenge and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that accompanied solving each equation.

Angelique Alexander mathematics tutor


Angelique has had two passions both of which she has been lucky enough to study and work in professionally. The first is teaching mathematics, the second is Opera.

Wilder a Tutor at Alexander Tutoring


Wilder is currently pursuing his Master’s in Physics from San Francisco State University. In his free time, he likes to run, snowboard, travel, and play with Legos.



With a B.S degree in Chemistry from The Central University of Venezuela, he started delving into physics and mathematics to take on one of the most fascinating areas of knowledge, Quantum Mechanics, and the application of its concepts in the atomic and molecular world.

Alexander Sheyni math physics tutor


Between spaceships, lightsabers, and the mystical powers of the Force (which one later finds out is a fundamental concept that drives all of physics... not the mystical part but the force part), a young boy’s imagination was stolen.

Image from iOS (2)


Maddy is a recent graduate of University of a California Davis, with a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering. 


Alexander Tutoring is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of all our students and their families, by being great role models. It brings our team great joy and fulfilment when we help our students realize their full academic potential. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that we are very good at what we do. Since our inception, we have achieved a stellar track record of using personalized approaches to physics tutoring.

We encourage you to call us to learn more during your free consultation to examine your specific needs.

Don't worry. We know how to make our lessons fun too. After all, students will learn and perform better if he or she loves the subject!

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  •   My son is in 10th grade and he encountered a problem in Math, he couldn't understand the style of teaching that his teacher had, so we found Alexander tutoring and bingo my son started working with Gerald and it was a match made in heaven. Since then he has been able to gain confidence in math and separate the style of teaching from math itself and that has made a huge difference in that signature. The people at Alexander T. are so welcoming and helpful, every time that we needed to make a change in the schedule they were very accommodating and always found a solution. We enrolled my son in a summer intensive with them and with the same tutor Gerald, he is the best we are so grateful for him he has changed my son perception of himself about math and now he knows to separate the teacher from the signature and even more importantly he feels confident about it.  I absolutely recommend Alexander Tutoring to anyone, they are the best.

    thumb Loreto E.
  •   My son worked with Gerald this past school year on Calculus and AP Statistics.  After every meeting, he remarked on how valuable the sessions were, and how Gerald could explain everything so clearly.  My son has worked with a couple of tutors in the past, and this was by far the most effect experience.  Everyone at Alexander Tutoring was really easy to work with and flexible with our schedule.  I highly recommend Gerald and Alexander Tutoring!

    thumb Susan S.
  •   My daughter has worked with Angelique for several months.   She's amazing.  My daughter finds her incredible easy to understand.  She has a way of explaining math in the most essential boiled down way.  She knows how to pace her tutorial to the students understanding.  She will work with current homework or she is prepared with her own material if needed.  She is also incredibly supportive and nice.  My daughter thinks she's a magician and always feels great after a tutoring lesson with her.

    thumb Alice F.
  •   We have lived in San Francisco for 14 years and my 3 children have attended public school. MOST of the time they have enjoyed great or fine teachers. When my daughter got to high school, the math teacher she had for Algebra 1 was not good. My daughter is curious and works hard. Math is not her favorite subject but she worked hard and still could not understand and got D & grades. As a parent, I'm not as concerned about grades. I want to know my children are making the effort they are capable of most of the time, showing up and trying. I also want them to learn and understand. Much of my high school math career was a total waste and I learned very little. If you don't learn Algebra 1, it's a hot mess as you don't have the necessary foundation and once in calculus, if you make it that far, most mistakes are algebraic according to a principal we had with a PHD in Math. My daughter got another terrible teacher for Geometry. Even the school counselors would speak openly about this teacher being one of the worst in the School's history. My daughter was trying hard and yet not understanding and getting terrible grades. After studying really hard for a test and feeling confident she understood, I remember watching her face fall one Saturday night as she checked her test grade and got a D. As a parent I didn't know what to do Because we were watching Khan Academy videos and she was studying and still not understanding. My friend Laura told me about Sean Alexander tutoring and my daughter started with Olivia a few years ago. Immediate improvement in understanding and therefore grades.  We had such a good experience with Olivia and Sean that we signed both of our teens up for the math intensive program in the summer of 2018. My kids went once a week with a tutor named Charlie to learn about algebra one and really focus on algebra basics. My daughter ended up getting a 700 on the Math portion of the SAT. She did take practice test and she did the tutoring with Alexander tutoring. She did not do any other test prep. She couldn't believe she did better on the math portion than the language portion as she loves History and English.

    Our son was starting high school last fall and after his sisters experience with the math teachers, we wanted to get ahead of the issue and so he took the math intensive program just like his sister. Our son, like many do, struggles with focus and impulse control and I told this to Sean. Doing the summer intensive program relieved so much stress to the entire school year. We didn't even do the tutoring during the school year. We tried to save money by doing online tutoring from Growing Stars (I think that is the name) and my kids thought it was boring and dreaded it and told me they really didn't need the tutoring because what they had learned in the summer was caring them through in their classes. They both did fine all year. If you do you want to do the tutoring in the school year , I would sign up now and early because it does fill up. We took a risk and didn't sign up because my kids felt confident they were going to be OK and they were.

    This summer my son, who will be a sophomore fall 2019,  is meeting twice weekly with Felix. On Tuesday they meet at the library for physics and Thursday at the library for Geometry. I have learned that engaging your kids in the summer a little bit pays off a huge amount during the school year. My children do really well with the one on one tutoring and we have found it is a great investment. It's not cheap because these are knowledgeable tutors and they have to pay SF rent too! We haven't done any other test prep (because the free one at the high school for a day) and my daughter is doing really well on her ACT and SAT math scores but more importantly to me, she understands math! She is willing to sit and do all the practice tests on her own because math doesn't intimidate her anymore. Like all of the tutors, Felix is exceptionally organized and communicates constantly. He is easy to reach, responsive and uses the books we provided him from the school as well as provides some homework each week. Sean asks the teenagers at the beginning of the summer  how much homework they are willing to do realistically each week and makes them commit to that. This is very wise because he doesn't want the children to feel burned out or resentful but to  have some control over this whole process.

    Honestly, my children have been very happy about being able to go to the tutoring because they realize how much they have benefited from it.  Summer tutoring or school year tutoring reduces stress during the school year and has made all of the difference in my children actually UNDERSTANDING. Alexander tutoring has made all the difference for my children and their relationship with math. Look up YouCubed as well for extra Algebra support. Stanford professor Jo Boaler's site to try and help students have a better view of and relationship with Math.

    thumb Nettie A.
  •   Fantastic program and wonderful tutors. Felix was instrumental in helping my son through all of his high school required math courses . He broke down the complex information in a way that my son was able to understand and because of him passed his classes with flying colors. I would recommend Alexander Tutoring to anyone who needs the help.

    thumb Svetlana S.
  •   Set your kids up for success...the best advice one of my friends gave me was to start my son with Alexander Tutoring before he started his freshman year at an independent high school.  My son was a progressive middle school and I was not really sure how he would fare with Physics and Algebra.  Alexander tutoring was amazing in that Sean assured me that my timing was just right at the beginning of the school year and we engaged with Felix (my son's tutor) right away.  My son and Felix meet on a weekly basis and even though..or more accurately because my son is getting As in both Physics and Math, we are keeping the tutoring going!

    thumb Noe V.
  •   We have been very happy with the tutoring our daughter has received from Felix who is one of their tutors. He is patient, smart and caring. Our daughter enjoys seeing him and always comes out of the sessions feeling upbeat. Felix takes the time to send us detailed emails about her progress and what they have been working on. Sean has been wonderful to work with, helpful with scheduling and increasing number of sessions when needed. Our daughter was struggling in Geometry and ended the semester with a B.

    thumb Larissa S.
  •   Used their service for almost 2 years.  Friendly and knowledgeable, and my daughter's grades improved due to their help.  Well worth it!

    thumb Daniel W.
  •   Over the years now, we've had three different tutors provided by Sean who have all been excellent. Currently, Angelique is great. One of the things I really have liked is that they work not only to catch your kid up to where they need to be, but they also work ahead. That way, when the kids do it in class there's some familiarity. Communication and scheduling is great as well!

    thumb M W.
  •   My son struggled with organization and a few concepts before entering 7th grade. After a  hiccup with another tutor, Sean really connected with him and helped get him back on track.  So far, his grades are great and my son regained his love for the science and confidence when doing math.

    thumb Guillermo L.

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