By Sean Alexander
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Theory of Relativity Lecture Series #1

This is an introduction to my favorite physics topic:  The special theory of relativity.

In my career as a physics tutor I have always wanted to teach this subject in a one-on-one format.  This is my opportunity.

I've spent years studying this topic and have developed a curriculum to teach relativity in a format that everyone at all levels can understand.

I hope you enjoy this video series!

-Sean Alexander

Founder and CEO of Alexander Mathematics and Physics Tutoring

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  • Sean Alexander

    COMMAND PILOT, OWNER Sean has been a professional educator for 15 years and has taught math, physics, and astronomy at all levels.  His experience ranges from working at a high school for severe learning differences to teaching advanced physics at Stanford.  After completing his graduate work in theoretical physics Sean founded Alexander Tutoring, with the mission of revealing the deep connections between math and nature to as many students as possible. 

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