Math & Physics Tutoring Method

Explore the language of our universe

Equations are nature's footprint!


With Alexander Math & Physics Tutoring you'll learn the language of our universe! 

You’ll learn the meaning behind every equation.

You might know π is 3.14, but do you know where the number comes from? There is much more to math than memorization.

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Learning Math & Physics is Fun!

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One Step at a Time

Mistakes can be discouraging, they shouldn't be. Mistakes are crucial for learning math and physics. Even math professors make mistakes. The difference is they have a system for catching errors. We will teach you that system.

Check Your Answers

As part of your math or physics tutoring, you’ll learn a system to check answers. You'll learn to back-solve problems to catch mistakes. This is a valuable skill for exams.

Practice Math & Physics Tests

The best way to prepare for math and physics tests is to practice, practice, practice! Have you walked into an exam thinking you're prepared, and then come unglued? We give you as many mini-exams as you need before the real one. That way you go into your exam with confidence.

Tailored Math & Physics Study Program

One-on-one math and physics tutoring means you are treated as an individual. Whatever your learning style, we’ll tailor a study program to suit you. If you ‘hate math’, our method will help you learn to love it.


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