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The secret to success in pre-calculus is a deep knowledge of the concepts.        NOT memorizing them as most students do.

Access the power of pre-calc with a certified tutor

Pre-Calculus is the biggest jump in difficulty you will see in high school math from one class to the next.  It uses every bit of math you've learned up until that point, so any gaps will be illuminated.

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Our pre-calculus tutors help students:

Use their logic to solve problems instead of memorization

Understand where pre-calculus equations come from and how they relate to each other

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Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.

"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms:
it is about understanding." - William Paul Thurston

Tutoring that helps students learn and enjoy math!

A passionate math tutors,

We know Pre-Calculus is hard. We also know that with practice, it doesn't need to be. Our programs are designed for students to better help them confidently manage their understanding of challenging Pre-Calculus and Calculus concepts.

As Mathematics Enthusiasts,

We know mathematics has always been a serious area of study, but only recently have we started viewing it as something to be enjoyed by students. After all, it is only through a challenge that we truly grow and come alive! Our students consistently shine in their classes after working with us.

As certified, experienced, and passionate math tutors,

Our mission is to help students learn and enjoy math by breaking down and explaining the concepts behind it all. Our pre-calculus tutors are excited to not just help students learn the material, but also to help them develop a new passion for math.

"When they get that first aha moment is when you can start to change the story. We build on that momentum, and start to rewrite the narrative in a way that supports the students and says that they are good at math."

- Sean Alexander, Algebra Tutor & Founder

student studying online

"I truly believe that any of my students are capable of achieving their goals when it comes to mathematics."
- James Magenta, Tutor

Eliminate stress factors involved with pre-calc homework

Regardless of their current ability or performance level, students who work with us reach their pre-calculus goals.

Each session is designed to support students prepare for their unique learning journey and help them gain confidence.

Our philosophy is that the best way to learn a subject is to learn it "the long way" with no tricks or gimmicks. Our private tutoring programs are more about:

Solidifying understanding of the methods and patterns of the subject

Gaining a greater awareness of math concepts for a better understanding beyond grade school

Developing study skills so that Calculus and other courses will be easier to tackle

Positive and supportive tutoring experiences

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If you're just getting started, we can help you build a strong foundation for your further studies. Pre-calculus builds on concepts learned in previous math classes. The course is structured to lead to mathematical endeavors like Calculus.

Here is a quick look at some of the core concepts that our pre-calculus tutors will be teaching.

  • Functions and Graphs
  • Lines and Rates of Change
  • Sequences and Series
  • Polynomial and Rational Functions
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Analytic Geometry
  • Linear Algebra and Matrices
  • Probability and Statistics

Master Pre-Calculus — go beyond your potential

We’ve seen the quizzes and tests. We know how tough pre-calc can be – we will help your student beat their fears and meet their goal grades.

With our customized approach to pre-calculus, we will make it an engaging experience that inspires and excites.

The next step is to CONTACT US so we can:

Explore what you or your child needs to be able to move forward into calculus with confidence

Build a custom plan to work with them one-on-one and discover any points of confusion

Try a no-obligation online tutoring lesson to see if we are the right fit.

Alexander Tutoring Tutor Felix teaching his student math

"This school year is different, however, learning is not about the place, it's about the journey. Let's make it fun!"
- Felix Rojas, Tutor


"We were looking for something to supplement our child's math over the summer, especially with school closing prematurely.  Alexander Tutoring was recommended and when we reached out they called back promptly and helped us pick out a good option to help finish out the year. They quickly worked out that our child needed something more challenging and moved him to a more advanced course (pre-calculus) that kept him busy. He felt the tutors did a great job explaining math and helping him work at his own pace. Overall it was a great experience and they were easy to work with. Would highly recommend and use them again. Everything was via Zoom given the pandemic and it worked well. It prepared our child well for more summer math at an online college that will help him skip a class when school resumes."

- Darren P., Parent

Find Precalculus tutors near me

Students can learn in person at a location near them, or they can learn online using video chat.

San Mateo, CA

Our math instructors in San Mateo are dedicated to helping you succeed. They have all been there, done that, and understand your needs.

We’ve been known to help students relax. We are sensitive to their fears and anxieties. Our tutors do more than explain each step—they make sure that students understand it as well. 

Our math and science tutors go above and beyond for every student, making it apparent that each client’s needs are a top priority.

South Bay & San Jose, CA

We offer math tutoring courses in the South Bay and San Jose for students of all ages.


Our method builds confidence and ability, so you can have fun while learning. Enrolling with us will help you or your student develop a solid foundation and make sure you're ready for the next grade.

San Francisco, CA

Alexander Tutoring, located in San Francisco, offers tutoring to students of pre-calculus.


Whether you need help staying focused, preparing for your next math test, or mastering a difficult formula, tutors from throughout the Bay Area are just a few clicks away.

We provide enthusiastic, inspiring, and supportive tutors. We’ll help you understand the pre-calculus material, even if you or your student thought it was hopeless!

Marin, CA

Alexander Tutoring offers Marin tutoring in math for students of all ages in Marin County, California.

Our method is perfect for any student. It can be steady and structured or simply enjoyable. It’s designed to teach you at your own pace, whether you're a parent or a kid.

We'll go beyond just memorizing formulas. Our approach transforms your math ability and helps you master each new concept.

Oakland, CA

Our Oakland-based math tutors are local professionals and experts in their fields, some even hold a master's degree. 

We work hard to make sure our hand-picked tutors are patient, talented, and dedicated because we want our students to succeed.

Many of our instructors have worked at some of the nation's top research universities, including Stanford, Berkeley, and San Francisco State

New York City, NY

Alexander Tutoring has a team of fantastic math tutors in Manhattan, New York.


We understand that students can feel embarrassed about their math. However, this is usually because they've struggled through a dry and boring class or had a bad experience. Our approach is focused on helping you or your student develop an understanding of the subject; turning embarrassment and frustration into confidence.

Our students are enthusiastic, as we emphasize enthusiasm over rote memorization. Before you know it, you’re learning to say "Math is fun!"

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We care deeply about the success of our students.

sean alexander


Sean discovered a fascination for physics when he was just fifteen, when he proof-read a friend’s report on black holes. In one semester, he read every physics book in his school’s library. He was hooked, but his love of teaching came a bit later.

sam headshot


The past nineteen years of teaching has provided him the opportunity to learn and grow alongside students in the United States, Mexico, Ecuador & Venezuela. During that time, he taught all subjects to many different age groups but has always had a special place in his heart for math.



I believe that the motivation to practice mathematics must be discovered by the individual, and I am excited to watch my students discover what it is about mathematics that gives it purpose to them.

Rebecca Malas

Rebecca Malas

My love of science started at an early age when I used to watch Star Trek Voyager with my family. Seeing these women leaders in science inspired me to continue to pursue physics and engineering in my dreams to one day reach the stars.



As a teacher, I learned even more from these problems than I did as a student; I am excited to watch my students develop a confidence and fluency in mathematics.

Physics Tutor Jonathan Lupercio


His core teaching principle is that of intuition, focusing heavily on ensuring physics and mathematics comes naturally in the thinking of his students.

Gerald Morgan


He noticed his strong love for mathematics at the tender age of eight years old. Though difficult, he welcomed the challenge and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that accompanied solving each equation.

Our Mathematics Tutor James Magnatta


Still teaching as his primary form of income and loving every minute of it. When he is not talking math with students he spends his free time surfing, sailing, exploring, and concocting meals to pass the time.

Master Tutor Angelique Alexander


Angelique has had two passions both of which she has been lucky enough to study and work in professionally. The first is teaching mathematics, the second is Opera.



With a B.S degree in Chemistry from The Central University of Venezuela, he started delving into physics and mathematics to take on one of the most fascinating areas of knowledge, Quantum Mechanics, and the application of its concepts in the atomic and molecular world.



Between spaceships, lightsabers, and the mystical powers of the Force (which one later finds out is a fundamental concept that drives all of physics... not the mystical part but the force part), a young boy’s imagination was stolen.

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