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Medical Reviewer: Trager Hintze, PharmD If your child is constantly struggling with math homework and their grades in that topic are suffering you may be considering bringing in a math tutor.


Finding a math tutor online can be a daunting task, especially if you have no prior experience with the idea of tutoring. You may be wondering how to find a math tutor online who is both qualified and affordable. In this article, we will discuss how to find an online math tutor for your child by following seven easy steps:

7 Steps to Find Online Tutors for Math

Parents who have a child that is struggling in math need to know how to find a math tutor. There are many things to consider when searching for an online tutor. Do your research and find the right one that fits your needs. Here are 7 steps to finding an online tutor:

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    1. Do a Google Search To Find Qualified Private Tutors Near You

    At the beginning of your quest for a math tutor, you should start with an online search. You can search Google for various phrases such as "looking for math tutor," "find math tutors in my area," or "find maths tutor near me" if you are in the UK or Australia.

    If the results aren't exactly what you are looking for, then narrow it down by the subject you want to learn (e.g., algebra), or search on a national level using keywords like "best online tutors for math," or "tutor math online." If you're looking for someone with more specific skills such as calculus or trigonometry, try searching those terms instead of just "math."

    2. Compare Online Math Tutors Based on Price and Reviews

    Once you've scoured the web for the best online math tutors, it's time to double-check their reviews. You can also read reviews written by other people about them on sites like Yelp or Google Reviews. Don't underestimate the value of positive reviews from past students who have worked with your chosen tutoring service provider. It can help give you confidence that your money will be well spent if someone else has already trusted this person enough to give him or her a good rating before!

    With that being said, price is also an important consideration. If you're not sure how much your chosen tutor costs, ask them. You can also check out the prices on their website or contact them directly to see what they charge for different levels of services and the frequency and number of sessions. Don't be afraid to negotiate a fair price with your chosen tutor as well!

    They should also be available when needed. You need to make sure the lessons fit in with your child's schedule.

    3. Check for the Tutor’s Math Skills, Qualification and Teaching Experience

    When you’re looking for a math tutor, it is important to check that the person you choose is qualified and has the right experience. You should also ensure that they are able to help you with your specific needs.

    Here are some things to look out for:

    Math Skills: A good tutor must be able to explain concepts clearly and provide examples that help students understand the topic being discussed. It’s important for them to have a solid knowledge of what's expected at each grade level, so they can understand where your child is now and advise how he/she should advance.

    Qualifications: Look for tutors who have been trained in their field. Qualified tutors will have a degree in the subject they teach and experience working with students in schools or other programs.

    Teaching Experience: It’s important to look for tutors who have experience teaching. They should be able to answer your questions about their past experiences and share with you how these experiences have helped them become a better teacher.

    4. Take a Trial Session To Get a Feel of Their Teaching Style

    student with headphones laptopIt can be hard to figure out whether you like the tutor's teaching style and whether they'll be a good fit for your child without actually meeting them in person. This is why it's important to take a trial session with them. During this time, ask questions about their approach to teaching and see if it meshes with yours—or if there will be any major issues of understanding between the two of you.

    For example, at what point do they start getting into more advanced concepts? Are they willing to include any extra material not included in their lesson plan? How do they organize their online classroom space? What will be their approach to math homework?

    These are all things that can help you better understand how your child will learn from this specific tutor, as well as how much effort he or she will have to put into studying math every day (and whether he/she will actually keep up with his/her work!).

    5. Get a Customized Lesson Plan That Fits Your Needs

    You can choose the tutor that you would like to work with and then get a customized lesson plan based on your child's specific needs. The tutor will be able to help you figure out where your student is struggling and what areas they need help with so that they can explain the concepts in a way that makes sense for your child in their online lessons. This will give them the confidence they need to succeed in math class!

    6. Get Recommendations for Private Tutoring Services From Your Friends

    Ask friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations. If they have children in the same grade level as yours, ask them for recommendations for private tutoring services. They may have used a service themselves or know someone who has. This will help you find a tutor who can meet your child’s specific needs.

    7. Signup for an Online Math Tutoring Services Like Alexander Tutoring

    Signing up for online math tutoring is a great way to get your child the help they need when it comes to their math skills, no matter where you live. With an internet connection, your child can take advantage of the vast resources that Alexander Tutoring offers.

    What a Tutor Can Do for Your Child

    A tutor from Alexander Tutoring can help your child with their math skills, as well as with homework and test preparation. They'll also improve your child's grades by helping them learn how to solve problems on their own.

    Your child will be able to focus on what they are learning without any distractions. They will be able to ask questions when they don't understand something and receive clear explanations that make sense to them. In addition, the tutor will help your child build confidence by showing them how much they have learned during each session.

    When you have found the right tutor, your kid will begin to see math in a different light and with new eyes!


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      COMMAND PILOT, OWNER Sean has been a professional educator for 15 years and has taught math, physics, and astronomy at all levels.  His experience ranges from working at a high school for severe learning differences to teaching advanced physics at Stanford.  After completing his graduate work in theoretical physics Sean founded Alexander Tutoring, with the mission of revealing the deep connections between math and nature to as many students as possible. 

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