Strategies for Academic Success

What Does Academic Success Look Like? Academic success often measures a student’s performance on standardized tests and report cards. However, this view doesn’t consider the individuality of each student. Many gifted children excel on standardized tests and easily achieve all A’s on their report cards despite being unmotivated and disengaged in their courses. Other children … Continue reading Strategies for Academic Success

How Do Tutors Help Students?

Maximize Academic Performance With Each Tutoring Session When your child receives subject matter tutoring in areas they struggle with, they can return to school and achieve better grades. A private tutor can use learning methods that resonate with your child, allowing them to grasp concepts they didn’t understand in class. Tutoring programs can also teach … Continue reading How Do Tutors Help Students?

How the Different Types of Learning Styles Affect Tutoring

Visual Learners Visual learners process information most efficiently by using their eyesight. These students absorb knowledge and instructions quickly by reading text. They can also easily grasp data and complex concepts by looking at charts, diagrams, timelines, PowerPoint presentations, and other visual aids. If your child is a visual learner, they will likely thrive in … Continue reading How the Different Types of Learning Styles Affect Tutoring