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Check out this description of five of the best online math tools for students of varying grade levels.


The digital world is filled with lots of math content. Students of different grade levels can use many online resources to study math and prepare for exams. These days, online learning platforms feature math-related games, puzzles, videos, modules, and scenarios. Some even offer math homework and differentiated math lessons. Students can use these platforms to practice math in schools, libraries, and in the comfort of their homes.

5 Online Math Tools for Students of All Grade Levels

Math tools online offer fun and interactive activities your children can use to hone their arithmetic, geometry, or algebra skills. The free online math tools for students of all grade levels include:

    1. For Times Tables and Fractions: Math Playground

    Math Playground is a beneficial online tool because it employs gamification to help students master their multiplication tables and fraction skills. The platform has several math games that cover multiplication and fraction topics. For instance, your children can play Penguin Jump Multiplication to practice their multiplication facts.

    During the game, the player has a penguin avatar that hops on glaciers, racing other penguin avatars to the finish line. To increase the penguin's speed, the player must solve single and double-digit multiplication problems, such as 5 x 6 and 11 x 4.

    In addition to games, Math Playground has multiplication and fraction word problems and offers students virtual manipulatives, such as thinking blocks, to solve those problems. If you have a child who needs to learn more about times tables and fraction topics before practicing them, encourage them to watch the informative and engaging math videos on the platform.

    2. For Basic Algebraic Expressions: Dragon Box

    Dragon Box offers interactive and intuitive applications that expose students to basic algebraic expressions. Dragon Box, a Kahoot! company, has two applications designed to help students become fluent in basic algebraic expressions. One of these interactive labs is geared toward students ages four to eight. It is called Algebra 5+. The other is for learners ages eight and up. It is called Algebra 12+.

    The first application teaches kids as young as five how to tackle basic linear equations. The second application serves as a continuation of the first. It builds upon the basics to help learners understand specific algebraic systems and math concepts, such as common denominators, the collection of like terms, factorization, and substitution.

    3. For Geometric Figures: Geometry Pad

    Geometry Pad is beneficial because it allows students to create and manipulate fundamental geometric shapes. Students can download this application and access it on their phones or tablets. They can change the properties of the figures they make and calculate the corresponding metrics. Geometry Pad offers a workbook featuring a rectangular coordinate system. This workbook has scroll and zoom capabilities.

    Some of the structures students can build on this application include a quadrilateral, ellipse, and hyperbola. Additionally, the platform has tools available to help students construct medians and bisectors, plot arcs, and write freehand annotations.

    Some properties students can edit on Geometry Pad are point location, circle radius, and line length. To ensure precise constructions, Geometry Pad has a built-in snapping feature. This feature allows for snap-to-grid and snap-to-object movements. Students can use the snapping settings window to power on or off the snapping tool.

    4. For Advanced Algebra: Skew the Script

    Skew the Script walks students through complex algebra problems. The creators of Skew the Script were fed up with having students work on unappealing numeric procedures and word problems. To remedy their dissatisfaction, they launched a platform that offers free AP Algebra I and II lessons centered around socially relevant concerns, including social media, gun control, and environmentally friendly technology. Skew the Script's AP Algebra I and II curriculum addresses:

    • Function analyses
    • Linear models
    • Systems of equations
    • Quadratics
    • Exponentials and logs
    • Absolute value
    • Cubic and polynomial functions
    • Rational functions
    • Statistics and probability

    Some of the socially relevant topics the curriculum covers include:

    • Measuring voting power
    • Payday loans & income
    • Wealth & inequality
    • The COVID-19 spread
    • Vaccine efficacy
    • Health costs & Medicaid
    • Electric car impact

    5. For Math Video Lessons: Mashup Math

    Mashup Math offers free math videos for kids. There are math videos for students in grades one to three, four to six, and seven to nine. There are also Algebra I and Geometry videos available on the platform. The videos offer students step-by-step instructions on how to tackle specific problems. Mashup Math has over 100 math video lessons.

    The platform recognizes that more than 60% of students prefer to learn a math concept visually. Mashup Math uses animation software to develop its video lessons. This software grabs the attention of visual learners. The platform also provides online math teaching tools. They have videos showcasing activity ideas for teachers and parents.

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