By Sean Alexander

Should you hire a math tutor for adults?

Grown professionals often wonder if it makes sense to hire a math tutor for adults.  There is a misconception that math tutoring is just for kids, this is not true.  Many adults use math tutors for a variety of reasons, the most common being

  • Going back to college for degrees such as psychology, business, and pre-med.  
  • Improving their resume to include proficiency in mathematics 
  • Self-enrichment

Let’s discuss each of these scenarios and how a math tutor for adults can help.

Going back to college

Adult math students going back to school typically have not had a math class in many years.  Therefore you can expect to be rusty.  These adult students need to get through their calculus requirement but are not in shape to take a calculus class.  In fact, the most appropriate class for adults is usually algebra.  Mastery of algebra is essential for success in calculus.  The dilemma is the amount of time it will take to get to calculus from algebra.  You would need to take the following classes:  algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus.  That’s 2 years of math.  Adult students care more about their major and generally don’t have time to commit 2 years to mathematics.


Therefore a math tutor for adults is the perfect solution.  A skilled mathematics tutor can teach you the core algebra skills needed for success in calculus.  They can do this much faster than the time it would take to complete an algebra course.  A math tutor is a perfect solution to completing your math requirement.


A math tutor will also help you to be successful in calculus, which is very challenging.  Most adult students are focused on grades and can’t afford a bad calculus score.  Your adult math tutor can make sure you are proficient in all the necessary math foundations and set you up for success in calculus.

Improving the resume to include proficiency in mathematics

Many skilled tech workers will reach out to a math tutor in order to improve their depth of knowledge.  Coding requires proficiency in matrices and linear algebra which are advanced topics.  Therefore mastery of these math skills will improve programming skills.  Computer science is a very competitive field, so mastery of mathematics is a great way to stand out from your competition.  When a tech worker reaches out to a math tutor for adults they are likely going to be a bit rusty.  Hiring a math tutor for adults is a great way to fill gaps in your math foundation and approach high-level topics.


Relax from ParentingMany students have had a bad experience with math in school.  The most common reason is a mean teacher that embarrassed the student in front of the class.  Another problem is the standard math curriculum does not do a good job of making math relevant to the student.  Therefore the math is a source of anxiety and is treated like a chore.

Later in life, adults learn the value of mathematics and regret not taking it seriously in high school.  A great way to re-engage with math as a grown professional is to hire a math tutor for adults.  They can assess your knowledge and fill in the gaps, as well as provide a boost in self-confidence.

Finding a math tutor for adults near you

It's important to do your homework before hiring a math tutor.  There are a lot of bad math tutors out there, and you want to make sure to spend your hard-earned money wisely.  

The first thing you should do is type "math tutor near me" or "math tutor for adults near me" in your favorite search engine.  This will give you listings for all the top tutors in your area.  Next, go to the major review sites such as Yelp and Google Reviews to see if the math tutor or tutoring business is well-reviewed.  An established math tutor for adults should have many 5 star reviews and very few bad reviews.

If you are having trouble finding a math tutor near you, consider searching for an online math tutor for adults.   Covid has revolutionized the way we learn.  Online math tutoring is now an accepted and effective way to learn.  An online tutor for adults opens up the entire country, so you can truly work with the best of the best.


Math tutoring is a great solution for an adult that wants to improve their math skills for any reason.  They can also consider signing up for a community college math class with the support of their tutor.  Whatever you decide, reinvesting in your math education is ALWAYS worth the effort.


  • Sean Alexander

    COMMAND PILOT, OWNER Sean has been a professional educator for 15 years and has taught math, physics, and astronomy at all levels.  His experience ranges from working at a high school for severe learning differences to teaching advanced physics at Stanford.  After completing his graduate work in theoretical physics Sean founded Alexander Tutoring, with the mission of revealing the deep connections between math and nature to as many students as possible. 

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