By Sean Alexander

Even the best schools are limited in what they can provide an individual child. They have to consider the best interests of all the students in a crowded classroom, which may not be your child's best interest.


Whether you think your child needs extra help to keep up with the class or extra enrichment because they’re ahead of the class, tutoring can be the optimal solution.

7 Ways Tutors Help Students Grow and Succeed

How does tutoring help your child? One-on-one tutoring provides your child with individualized help in specific areas. They don’t have to sit through boring lessons they already understand or zone out in the back of the classroom because they’re bored. But tutoring isn’t just limited to traditional academic subjects. Tutors can help your child learn to take charge of their education to accomplish their goals. Some reasons parents choose tutoring include:

    Maximize Academic Performance With Each Tutoring Session

    When your child receives subject matter tutoring in areas they struggle with, they can return to school and achieve better grades. A private tutor can use learning methods that resonate with your child, allowing them to grasp concepts they didn’t understand in class.

    Tutoring programs can also teach your student test-taking skills and strategies that will help them perform at higher levels. Many times, your child may know the material at home but freeze up or run out of time on the test. Tutoring helps students learn coping measures to overcome these problems.

    Transform Students Into Confident Learners

    Children who feel like they’re behind their peers often don’t want to try because they’re worried they’ll look foolish or fail. Tutoring can boost your child’s confidence and demonstrate a growth mindset in action.

    Children who face and overcome challenges develop better study habits that will benefit them for the rest of their academic careers. With the help of a skilled tutor, your child will experience the personal growth and pride that comes with working hard to achieve a goal.

    Enhance Organizational and Time Management Skills

    Executive function skills are vitally important to becoming an independent learner. Executive function skills are the organizational and time management skills that your child needs to:

    • Plan ahead and set priorities
    • Meet goals
    • Exhibit self-control
    • Follow multi-step processes
    • Stay focused in the face of distractions

    Tutoring programs can help your child learn the critical thinking skills they need to prioritize tasks, schedule their time, and effectively organize their school work.

    Encourage Students To Ask and Answer Questions at School

    When your child understands a subject, they’ll be more engaged in school. Learning with tutoring gives your child additional time to deeply consider and discuss concepts they learn in school. When they go back to the classroom after a tutoring session, they’ll feel empowered to participate in class discussions by asking and answering relevant questions.

    When they view themself as an active learner, your child will be excited about school and proud to show off their achievements. This learning process is one of the reasons why tutoring is important.

    Improve Study Habits and Skills

    Even top students often don’t know how to study effectively. They can often coast through class until they reach a point where they need to study to learn the information. For many bright students, this point doesn’t come until middle school.

    When they’re faced with the challenges of keeping up with multiple classes and teachers, their lack of good study habits and skills can result in the first low grades they’ve ever experienced. However, it’s much better to find and address this problem in middle school than in high school, where the stakes are might higher. The impact of tutoring on student success can be immeasurable when it sets your child up for success in high school, college, and beyond.

    Appeal to Various Learning Styles

    If you have more than one child, you’ve probably noticed that they don’t have the same Stay focused. Although the belief that everyone learns best in one of a few styles, such as auditory, kinesthetic, or visual, has been largely debunked, there’s no doubt that people learn differently.

    The biggest issue with the theory of learning styles is that they were seen as static personality traits when the truth is that how someone learns best largely depends on what they’re learning. Your child may be a visual learner for one subject and an auditory learner for another.

    Classroom teachers generally present a lesson in the way that’s either easiest or appeals to the most students. Tutors, on the other hand, can use teaching methods that are engaging and relevant for your child.

    For example, if your child is obsessed with Minecraft, their tutor can create lessons around Minecraft that are deeply meaningful to your child. Everyone, no matter what their learning style, learns more when they’re invested in the lesson.

    Preps for Life After High School and College Readiness

    Being conscientious — those habits that include being disciplined, organized, focused, and responsible — are more important than intelligence in predicting college and career success and even living a happier life.

    One goal of tutoring, even if not explicitly stated, is to develop conscientiousness. The discipline your student learns by sticking with a subject until it’s mastered, the organization they exhibit when they plan a study session, and the responsibility they learn by being accountable to a tutor all help them become more conscientious students and, eventually, adults.

    The Right Tutoring Service To Nurture a Student's Potential

    Choosing the right tutor for your student is vital to experiencing the full benefits of tutoring. At Alexander Tutoring, our tutors are highly credentialed and qualified. They’re experienced in working with all types of students and creating a customized learning plan that makes learning fun and engaging for your child. They’re passionate about their subjects and can share that with your child. Our online tutoring programs work around your child's schedule and let them learn in the comfort of home. Reach out today to find out why tutors are important for your child’s success.


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