Our Method

Learning can be fun! Making math interesting by engaging young minds and building confidence.

When you study with Alexander Tutoring learning can be fun!

You’ll learn the background and meaning behind everything we teach. For example, you might know that pi is 3.14, but do you know where this number comes from? This approach makes math more interesting, more fun, and a more effective way to learn than memorizing formulas. Watch that lesson right here:

Learning can be fun!

One Step at a Time

When you’re trying to solve problems learning can be fun! Making "mistakes" can be discouraging – so we help you avoid them by being neat and methodical in your thinking. By taking things one step at a time, you’ll arrive at a correct answer sooner – and more often.

Checking your Answers

As part of your tutoring, you’ll learn a system to check your answers. That’s about how to ‘back-solve’ your problems so you know if your answers are correct. This is a valuable skill to use during exams, so you don’t turn in any mistakes.

Practice Tests

The best way to prepare for important tests is practice, practice, practice! How often have you walked into an exam thinking you know your subject, and then come unglued? We give you as many mini exams as you need before the real one, so you can work out any problem areas and go into your exam with confidence.

Tailored Study Program

One-to-one tutoring means you get treated as an individual, whether you’re in junior high or you’re a professional in Silicon Valley. Whatever your goals or challenges, we’ll tailor a study program to suit. Even if you think you ‘hate math’, our methods will help you learn to love it.


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