By Sean Alexander

JonathanIt's been almost two years now since we decided to expand our math and science tutoring services in my favorite city; New York. I loved the prospect of working there and set out to see if I could find a tutor that lived up to our very high standards. I interviewed dozens of candidates and one stood out above the rest. First of all can I saw that I love that people wear suits to interviews in Manhattan? It was a nice change from casual California. Anyway, in walks Jonathan Lupercio through the door. Now he is the head of Alexander physics tutoring department in New York City. I have all prospective tutors give me an example lesson on a math or physics topic of their choice to present to me as if I were the student. This gives me a quick read on their teaching style and quickly separates the great tutors from those who are not. I'm always looking for what I call a "Super Star Tutor". A super star is the 1 in 100 tutors that can reach every student they work with right at their level. 98% of all our clients have a great learning experience with them. Furthermore they already know all the areas of math and physics that tend to cause students issues and have prepared lessons to fix the gap in understanding. Jonathan is a super star tutor. He came in with full suit and tie and gave a mind blowing lesson on kinematics. He had written out all the steps ahead of time and slowly revealed them to me by covering the math with a sheet of paper which he moved down as the lesson progressed. Jonathan showed deep understanding of the material and had that "it" factor when relating to students. I hired him right away and can now say with full. confidence that we provide expert physics, math and chemistry tutoring in Manhattan. Jonathan is the kind of Super Star Tutor you wish you had. We have built 100% confidence in him living up to the very high Alexander Tutoring standard over the past years.

Ever since COVID-19 hit we've entered a different stage of our business.  We now offer all of our tutoring online, which has had some amazing benefits that I did not anticipate.  The most amazing outcome is that we can now hire the top talent from all over the world!  We just hired our next Super Star tutor in Taiwan!  I'm interviewing a high level nuclear physicist in Hawaii later today.  The implications are really amazing, we now have access to the top educators on the planet, literally!  We now serve students with tutoring from coast to coast.   We've always offered lessons online so it was not a difficult transition for us.  We have software that turns your screen into a whiteboard and each tutor has an electronic pad and pen so they can write directly on the screen.  There is also a video call going at the same time, so you can see and hear each other.  The result is high quality math, chemistry and physics tutoring in your own home, just like meeting in person.  From now on we will be matching you with the best math and physics education talent available in the world.

We've also partnered with what I consider to be the top educational consultant in Manhattan, Omega Educational Consulting.  Want to go to Harvard or MIT?  These are the guys to call.  Omega has years of experience custom tailoring the application process for ivy league colleges.  They will help with your essay, grades etc.  We've formed a strategic partnership that I'm very excited about.  As you can imagine if you want to go to a top tier college for a STEM major your math and science grades have to be perfect.  There is literally no room for error, one B is all it takes to weed you out.  Therefore we will be helping Omega students make sure their math, chemistry and physics grades are perfect.  How do we do this?  By making sure your student has a wholistic understanding of the concepts and the tools to execute them.  Here at Alexander Tutoring we don't use a "memorization" approach to learning math and physics.  We make sure that our students understand the core principles.  Why is this important?  Because it allows the student to answer a large variety of questions and know the underlying principles.  My favorite example is the unit circle, which is a precalculus topic that many students struggle with.  If a student really understands the unit circle from all angles they can answer just about every question the teacher can throw at them.  Rather than memorize the solution to many different types of problems you can, instead, figure all of them out with your fundamental understanding of the unit circle.  Not only does this approach lead to better grades, it also leads to much higher enjoyment on the students part.  I've always believed that all the most fascinating parts of math and science lie in this fundamental understanding, not in memorization of formulas.  Therefore we are very excited to bring this strategy to Omega Educational Consulting in order to give their students a more well rounded education.  Specifically we will make sure that their application to the top colleges in the worlds are extra competitive.  This knowledge we will give your student becomes their competitive advantage too.

With our new online model and strategic partners I truly believe that we are offering the best math and science education on the planet.  There is something about learning from an expert that just can't be beat.  Everyone on our team has significant research experience in the laboratory.  The reason we insist that all our our tutors have this experience is because it makes them much more than just a tutor.  They are an educational mentor that can talk to your student about what it's like to be a physics major.  The can tell your student what taking a full load of upper division physics classes is like.  One thing I know for sure is that all high school students can't even begin to comprehend how much work is involved with being a math or science major.  It's one of the most challenging things you'll ever do. So, you need to be 100% committed to the process.  If your student shows interest in math, physics or chemistry we will make sure that they are 100% committed.  They will learn all about what it's like to be inside the laboratory from the top scientists and educators on the planet.  Now that we are truly a global business we will connect your student with the top talent wherever you live, from coast to coast.  We can't wait for you to take this new adventure with us!


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    COMMAND PILOT, OWNER Sean has been a professional educator for 15 years and has taught math, physics, and astronomy at all levels.  His experience ranges from working at a high school for severe learning differences to teaching advanced physics at Stanford.  After completing his graduate work in theoretical physics Sean founded Alexander Tutoring, with the mission of revealing the deep connections between math and nature to as many students as possible. 

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