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Whether your child’s score on the math section of the ACT was lower than you hoped, or you’d like to give them the best chance of scoring high the first time they take the test, an ACT math can help. A qualified tutor can customize practice sessions to shore up areas of weakness and ensure your child is as prepared as possible when they take the ACT.

5 Signs Your Child Needs and Can Benefit From an ACT Math Tutor

Even if your child does well in math, they may benefit from a private tutor. The questions on the math section of the ACT follow a specific formula that's designed to trip up test takers. If math is a difficult subject for your child, a tutor can help raise your child's scores significantly. If your child does well on math tests, a tutor may be able to help them increase their score enough to get into the top percentiles. Some signs that your child may benefit from an ACT math tutor include:

    Your Child Needs Guidance

    If your child struggles with organizing their study time, a tutor can offer the guidance they need. A tutor will help your child plan a schedule so they can effectively structure their study sessions for maximum benefit. A tutor will also provide outside accountability so you don't have to damage your relationship with your child by nagging them to study for the math ACT.

    Starting with their initial session, a private ACT math tutor will work with your child to outline a study plan for the ACT, whether they only have a few weeks to prepare or they have a year or longer. Middle school isn't too young to start preparing for the ACT. College admissions have become extremely competitive, and a high score on the ACT math section will help your child stand out in a crowded field.

    Your Child Struggle With Key Concepts

    A tutor can help students who don't have a solid grasp on the math concepts that are tested on the ACT. High school math often moves at a fast pace, which can leave some students grappling with unanswered math questions about important topics. Personalized tutorizing will expose gaps in your child's knowledge and quickly fill them. A private tutor can hone in on the areas your child needs help with and provide extra practice so they fully understand. Every minute your child spends studying will be optimized to improve their performance on the ACT math test.

    Your Child Would Benefit From Essential Test-taking Strategies

    Many students have a good grasp of advanced math, but they may still score low on the ACT because they don't use test-taking strategies that can help raise their scores. These students often stand to gain the most from working with an ACT math tutor. They already have the background they need to do well, and once they learn some strategies to make the most of their time, there's no limit on what they can achieve.

    When students understand the types of questions they'll encounter on the ACT, which range from pre-algebra to trigonometry, and which ones are worth spending extra time on, they'll be able to increase their scores even if they fully understand all of the math. Even knowing when to give up and when to move on can add points to your child's score by preventing them from wasting valuable time on a problem they're likely to miss.

    You Want Access to the Best Resources and Instructors

    Your child's math teachers have to deal with a classroom full of students with different needs. An online ACT math tutor can provide a personalized prep program that goes beyond school math topics and help your child gain a deeper understanding of a wide range of math concepts. The math prep experienced tutors provide will give your child an advantage on the math ACT to help them improve their math score.

    You Want Your Child To Have the Best Tutoring Experience Possible

    Some students are resistant to putting in extra hours studying on top of an already packed schedule, while some students will push themselves past the point of exhaustion. Regardless of which type of student your child is, giving them the best possible tutoring experience can help. For the reluctant student, a tutor with a relaxed teaching style can provide engaging tutoring sessions that motivate them to work hard. The driven student will benefit from working with a tutor who can help them see when they've done all they can and it's time to relax and take the pressure off.

    Find the Best Online Act Private Tutor

    benefit of act math tutorIt's important to find a good fit when you're looking for online tutoring for your child. No student likes taking standardized tests, but the reality is that scoring high on the ACT will open more doors for your child. Although many colleges claim to be test optional, submitting a high ACT score can only help you. Look for a tutor who understands your goals and can help you achieve them.

    Your student undoubtedly has a full calendar with advanced classes, homework, extra-curricular activities, and friends. You don't want to waste their time with unfocused, drawn-out tutoring sessions. A experienced math ACT tutor will be able to maximize your child's results while minimizing their time investment.

    At Alexander Tutoring, we've worked with many different types of students. Our individualized approach accounts for your child's starting point, learning style, and goals. Our tutors are experts with extensive experience with the ACT. We've seen students improve their standardized test from "okay" to "ivy-league eligible" with just 10 hours of focused study.

    We monitor your child's improvement in real time with practice tests. We analyze results to provided focused input to increase your child's score. After working with our expert tutors, you'll know what score to expect when your student takes the real ACT. Reach out today to find out how we can help your child reach their full potential by achieving an ACT score that reflects their true abilities.


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