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Alexander Math and Physics Tutoring has been using a special technique to prepare students for exams in the San Francisco bay area. I’m going to give you our secret weapon for free. If you follow all of the steps below you are practically guaranteed an A level math or physics grade.

I make no secret to my students that practice problems are the only way to study. Don’t read the chapter, it doesn’t help.

What’s the best source of practice problems? My personal favorite is Kuta Software, you can get a ton of free worksheets at

Click on the “free worksheets” tab at the top of the screen and then choose your subject. For example if you choose geometry you will be led to a page that has a tab for every geometry topic imaginable with a separate answer sheet. Calculus? No problem they have that too. Every level of algebra? Check. If you have an exam coming up figure out what all of the possible topics are, go to Kuta and print out a worksheet for each topic.

Now circle all of the odd problems. Pretend this is the exam and sit down and take it as if it was. No cheating! It will be very tempting to look at an answer if you get stuck, but that defeats the purpose. You need to practice getting stuck and unstuck in the moment. This will help with test anxiety, as well as good old mastery of the subject.

Now use the answer sheet to grade yourself. Anything you missed you can now refer to the text book to try and figure out what went wrong. If you’re not sure email me, I answer homework questions 24/7.

Once you have figured out what went wrong on the problems you missed, sit down and take the test again with the half you didn’t do the first time.

If you follow this procedure you will get an A, it works like a charm. It is time consuming, but there is no way out of that.

Did I mention that if you refer someone that takes one lesson you get one free? Visit our website at to sign up. We were recently rated the top math and physics tutoring service in San Francisco!

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